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Dencker Pedersen Family

So, you are interrested in the Dencker Pedersen Family? Then you have come to the right place. On these pages, it is possible to find anything of interest of the Dencker Pedersen Family.

These pages are made for the amusement of the Dencker Pedersen Family. Furthermore it gives us easy acces to the places we like to visit on the internet. That being pages about food, beers, animals, aquariums, the city we live in, movies and anything else of our interest.

Feel free to explore the Dencker Pedersen Family webpage - you might find something of use.

We have tried to make the Dencker Pedersen Family webpage as easy as possible to browse through. Jesper, Katrine, Louise and Magnus all have their own sub-page with the topics of their interest. That being gaming, school, music or whatever. Futhermore, the menu on the left contains topics, the whole Dencker Pedersen Family finds of interest. That being movies, animals, shopping and so on. Last, but not least, the menu contains some topics for the visitors of the Dencker Pedersen Webpage. That being a newsletter subscribtion page and a contact page, if you need to get our attention!

The largest parts of our webpage is the cookbook and our movie collection.

In our cookbook you can find some of the recipes of the food we like to cook. The recipes are easy to follow, so it is easier for the reader to make the food. We have made all the food ourself, so we know the recipe is fine, and ok to follow!

We have a large collection of movies - +500 Blu-rays and DVD's! I have written all the movies into this collection page. On each movie sub-page you will find a description of the DVD or Blu-ray, with actors, running time, disc format, director, producer and other things. However, this work is still not completed for all movies - they are all listed, but not all described. This is for me to do in the long, cold winter nights in Denmark! Feel free to explore our huge collection of movies, and see the variety of movies we like.

We all hope you will enjoy the Dencker Pedersen Family webpage.

Best regards

Jesper Kragelund Pedersen
Katrine Dencker Pedersen
Louise Dencker Pedersen
Magnus Dencker Pedersen

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